The reasons that foreigners like Shanghai

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The reasons that foreigners like Shanghai

I have quite a lot of students from Europe and America, most of whom like living in Shanghai. I asked them their reasons. Everyone has their different opinions and feelings. Generally there are some important points

Shanghai is one of the most modern and international metropolis in China. The city is just like its name: diversity, open-minded, fashion and lively. I have one student from America, who told me that Shanghai is very similar to New York in many aspects. Now the number of foreigners that live in Shanghai has reached to 200 thousand. The figure is increasing day by day. He works in an American Company and most of his colleagues are natives. He thinks his current Chinese colleagues are intelligent, diligent, humor and also warmhearted, who are very similar to his previous colleagues and friends in America. Many young natives are Christians, they go to Church to do Mass every week. 


Based on the result of an online survey about how much do you like Shanghai as a foreigner, it shows that almost every interviewee feels Shanghai is an international metropolis, where is a very suitable place to live. The government works efficiently here, business is very organized here and residents’ quality is good. Besides, public security is also high and you don’t have to worry when you go out alone. Residents’ satisfactory rate about the city is 80% high. In recent several years, more and more foreigners immigrate to Shanghai and decide to work and live here.

Although Shanghai is very similar to some big cities in Europe in many aspects, as a foreigner who wants to be part of this city, language barrier is the first issue. I have quite a lot of students, since they start to learn Chinese, they can not only deal with their daily needs in Chinese, but they can also get to know more about culture in Shanghai and be interested in it. During their learning process, they gradually understand culture in Shanghai, thoughts and lifestyles of the locals. When they grasp a basic level of Chinese, it is not difficult for them to find a suitable language partner. Therefore, if you want to be part of a new city and the social group of the locals, learning language is very essential. 


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