Learning Chinese in Shanghai : No. 186 Culture Event in Shanghai - Dragon Boat Festival Party on May 27

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dragon boat festival activity in shanghai

dragon boat festival activity in shanghai


Do you know 端午节(duān wǔ jié)? 

The dragon boat festival is one of the traditional festivals of China,in May 5 of Lunar calendar.

The dragon boat festival was to commemorates a poet, qu yuan.

At the dragon boat festival,people will pack rice dumplings,row dragon boats,duck boiled duck egg,colored rope string,and inserting wormwood leaves on the door.

dragon boat festivel activity in shanghai english




dragon boat festival activity and food in shanghai


dragon boat festival traditions in shanghai




We have four kinds of food making in this activity.



dragon boat festival and food activity




dragon boat festival food activity in shanghai


dragon boat festival food activities in shanghai

dragon boat festival food and activities in shanghai



   Do you know the famous square dancing?Let's dance together。


dragon boat festival activities in shanghai 2017


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taste the noodles by yourself



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