The Most Magic Drinks in China - Hot Water!!! You should know when you start to learn Chinese.

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The Most Magic Drinks in China - Hot Water!!!


Do you know it and do you know why? Let's see the interesting conversation happens often, might happened between you and your Chinese friends.

When Chinese girls go to bars, some of them won't order beer or any other alcohol, guess what?!

We will order “Hot Water”, also with lemon or lime in it! Of course, this is because hot water is useful!

Hot water can help us to solve lots of problems! We trust hot water! One of our Russian students, after

he knows about the magic power of hot water, he says “ After I go back to Russia, if I continue to be a

nurse, when patients ask suggestions from me, I will tell them to drink some hot water!”“Hot water is

SUPER useful! I will use it when I go back to Italy.” One of our Italian students said.

As one of our students said: “Drink some hot water” is just like “Take it easy”! Or “Don't bother me

with your problems”, depending of how many problems he/she also have and how much hot water he/

she drinks. So, do not hesitate to advice back the same.

Now do you want some hot water!

By Zoe Ding from SN Mandarin Chinese School If you want to receive interesting information and resources about learning Chinese, follow the QR Code to follow our wechat news!

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