Do you know what do Chinese do to escape the hot summer? Here are the 5 tricks

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What do Chinese do to Escape the hot summer?

Here is an article from teacher Rachel Xu that might be very helpful for you


It’s super common to see Chinese women using umbrellas in a sunny summer day. Believe your eyes. It’s not raining. They are protecting themselves from the sun.

There are two types of umbrellas in China. One is rain umbrella and the other is sun umbrella. The sun umbrella is usually covered with coating which can block the sun efficiently. It is cooler under the umbrella. And the umbrella helps to prevent sun tanning which is important to Chinese women as they prefer pale skin.

2. Water Melon


A lot of fruits are available in summer. Water melon, with no doubt, is the most popular in China. Water melons can be as cheap as below 1 RMB in midsummer. One person enjoys half a melon with a spoon while air conditioner is on and a favorite movie is playing. Nothing can compare to this in summer.



Although Chinese people love to have hot water for the four seasons, they have other options in summer. Iced beverage is everywhere. Besides water, coke, sprite and juice, iced black tea sells pretty well. To open an iced black tea and drink half a bottle at one breath is awesome when we are grumpy because of the heat.


Street barbecues are easy to be found in the non-CBD areas in Shanghai. Customers can have tasty food at reasonable prices if they don’t care too much about unsanitary conditions. Sitting around a table with several friends and having barbecues with iced beer is considered a perfect plan for a summer night. 


Speaking of summer, one thing is too important to be ignored----the crayfishes. Nanjing people averagely eat 130 tons of crayfishes every day in summer according to the local Nanjing news. Crayfishes are available in many restaurants and street barbecues. The crayfish dish is the recommendation or specialty in some restaurants. Spicy crayfishes, pungent and spicy crayfishes and braised crayfishes all taste delicious.

There are many other ways you may discover. And i trust you also have your special "weapons" to survive the summer in China. Welcome to comment to share -:)

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