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Most people we talk to, who are serious about studying Mandarin Chinese, all express a preference to study the language in China if they have the opportunity. They feel that immersion in Chinese society and culture will help them improve their language skills and become fluent speakers quicker than through other ways of study.

Yet, planning to spend some time in China studying has always had a number of challenges and uncertainties, with lots of research and planning needed—that is, until now!

Why? Because we decided to make it easy for potential students to find out what they need to know by putting all of the important, helpful information they need to know in one place—and help you make your decision that much easier…

So…, read on at your leisure!


learn mandarin chinese in china


Before we start looking at the why’s, how’s and wherefores of actually getting on a plane and heading off to China to study, it’s worth taking a few moments to pause and reflect on the benefits of being in a country when you want to learn a language.

Learn languages through books, dictionaries, course materials, Skype, YouTube
Nowadays, there are many opportunities for students to learn languages through books, dictionaries, course materials and even Skype, YouTube and other applications.


However, from our perspective, there is no better way to learn
a language in its country of origin.
Why? Here are a few reasons:


  • Opportunity to practice Chinese in markets and shops. You will be totally immersed in the language, hearing it on the street, in restaurants and in the shops; on the TV and radio; and as you travel around on trains or trams or buses; and hopefully having the opportunity to practice it in markets, shops and as you ask for tickets or are buying things
  • Face-to-face teaching has always been more effective and there are many experienced, capable teachers around to give you their undivided attention and benefit from their knowledge
  • With native speakers around you, it will be easier to pick up local expressions and colloquialisms than if you were sitting in a classroom in your home country; whilst it is, of course, important to know the correct way to speak and about grammar structures etc, day to day communication is always going to get you ahead faster and more effectively
  • There are plenty of willing helpers around
    There are plenty of willing helpers around if you have any questions and who are also keen to practice speaking with foreigners. You might be able to do some trade-off whereby you practice your Mandarin Chinese with someone and teach him/her your native language in return (even if English is not your native tongue)
  • You will get more insights into Chinese culture and, hopefully, will have the opportunity to travel around the city you live in, plus maybe even get to see some of China’s amazing sites!

What more can you want…
Learn a language and have fun at the same time!



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