“Bear cat”is panda? what is cat head eagle? You will remember some name of animals and "special relation" between them.

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Chinese people are used to the animal names. But if we take another look at them by analyzing a little bit, it gets interesting. We have to admit that some animals were not given proper names. Sometimes it’s because the Chinese name is just the translation of the original foreign language (for example “hippo”) and more often it seems that we love to name a new animal according to its feature and similarity to others. That’s why now we have “cat head eagle” and “long neck deer”. 

1.猫头鹰 (māo tóu yīng, literally: cat head eagle)

2.长颈鹿 (cháng jǐng lù, literally: long neck deer)

3.袋鼠 (dài shǔ, literally: pocket mouse)

4.河马 (hé mǎ, literally: river horse)


5.眼镜蛇 (yǎn jìng shé, literally: glasses snake)

6.熊猫 (xióng māo, literally: bear cat)


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