How to book live class to learn Chinese online with live teachers?

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Live class is very good way to learn Chinese with teacher online.

Here i have a quick guide, showing how to book live class :
Steps as below :

1: Book Live Class --

2.Find the right course ( Standard Chinese, HSK, Business Chinese)

learn chinese online with live teachers

3.Find a teacher, for eg Frank Wu (the Online Course+IT Consultant, recommended for the first time live class to learn about the system),
4. choose the date and time -> add to cart 

how to learn chinese online with live teachers
5. follow the steps, choose payment method [Your Points] and tick before [Submit]

how to learn chinese online with live teachers
6. Live Class Confirmation: After receiving booking, school/teacher/consultant will reply your email to confirm the live class and then you can just get ready to join the live tutoring at booked time. Go to [My Course] -> [My Live Class] -> Booked Class List -> Join Class at the booked time
learning mandarin chinese online

After booking your live class, please do the following preparation: 1. Firefox explorer well installed -> if you see pop up asking to allow or activate flash, click allow to install -> after installation, close Firefox and restart it
2. Headset, make sure you can hear and speak 3. Questions from the online course you’ve been learning with


how to book live class online to learn chinese


After clicking [Join Class]   in [My Live Class], you will enter to your booked live class where your teacher will also enter and see the screenshot like below. Do the video and sound set up according to the guidance. Make sure you can hear and speak and read. Then when both you and teacher can hear each other, get ready to start the live class

how to learn chinese online?

Hope this will help.

Any questions or problems, please post to forum to discuss. 

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