What will it be when the Common ALCOHOL Names are Translated into Chinese?

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When the Common ALCOHOL Names are Translated into Chinese

 by teacher Aven Xiang from SN Mandarin

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Hey there! Remember 3 months ago we guessed some Chinese version of a few common brands? Now here comes VER 2.0! Maybe there is no problem for you to buy alcohol in supermarkets just by looking at the bottles (usually the alcohols are imported), but it’s still interesting to figure out how Chinese people call them.

As usual, let’s see some names first.

You can grab a pen and a piece of paper to take notes. (Not have to.)

Please guess the original name.


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1.       (wēi)(shì)() = whisky

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 Notes: This one istransliterated.

2.       (bái)(lán)() = brandy

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Notes: This one is also transliterated. And 白兰(báilán) also sounds like the name of a flower. When the first time I heard of this name, I can imagine good smell. And I’m really impressed by the sweet fruits smell of brandy. I have to say it’s a smart translation.


3.       ()()(jiā) = vodka

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Notes: This one is transliterated, but more. 伏特(fútè) also means “volt” in Chinese. Perhaps the translator wants to show us the strong feeling after drinking vodka.


4.       ()()()/(lóng)(shé)(lán) = tequila

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Notes: 特其拉(tèqílā) is the transliteration of tequila (it’s also similar to the spelling of Pinyin, isn’t it?) And in early days this one is known as 龙舌兰(lóngshélán), which is the plant tequila made from.

5.       (lǎng)()(jiǔ) = rum

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Notes: Rum is also translated in to 兰姆酒(lánmǔjiǔ). And it’s transliterated.

6.       (jīn)(jiǔ)/(qín)(jiǔ)/()(sōng)()(jiǔ)

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Notes: Gin is also translated into 琴酒(qínjiǔ) or 杜松子酒(dùsōngzi jiǔ). 金酒(jīnjiǔ) or 琴酒(qínjiǔ) are similar to the pronunciation of “gin”. 杜松子 means juniper, so we can easily know what the alcohol is made from. (But I don’t think many Chinese people know what 杜松子 is. Hahahaha…)


7.       (wèi)(měi)() = vermouth 

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Notes: The translation of vermouth is smart and cute. 味美思(wèiměisī) sounds like vermouth. 味(wèi) means taste or flavor. 美(měi) means beautiful or good. 思(sī) means to think or to miss. These 3 characters give people an impression that vermouth is tasty and unforgettable, people always want more after drinking.

8.       ()(kǒu)(jiǔ) = liqueur

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Notes: This one is also smart. First, 利口(lìkǒu) sounds similar to “liqueur”. 利(lì) means be good for. 口(kǒu) means mouth. 利口(lìkǒu) makes people feel the liquid is smooth and enjoyable.


9.       ()(táo)(jiǔ) = wine

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Notes: This one is easy to understand. 葡萄(pútáo) means grape. 酒(jiǔ) means alcohol. Literally, wines are made from grapes. And it’s also common to call red wine 红酒(hóngjiǔ), and white wine 白葡萄酒(bái pútáojiǔ).


10.   ()(jiǔ) = beer

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Notes: Beer is definitely imported. But it’s so common that I almost ignored it. 啤(pí) comes from the pronunciation of “beer”. 酒(jiǔ) shows that it’s a kind of alcohol. Now it’s widely known as 啤酒(píjiǔ) in China.

Surely there is ranging of types of each alcohol. Here we only introduced the Chinese translation of a few kinds. I hope you guys like it.

BTW, how many did you figure out? Please write in comments!

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