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With the amount of technology we have at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of online courses out there that we can use.

This becomes especially difficult when wanting to learn a new language, as each individual has a certain learning style.

As a company, we believe that there are a few key things that each individual wants from an online course studying Chinese; here are 5 essential points that we came up with: 

1. Accessibility: It is absolutely essential that the individual has constant accessibility to the material they need, even if they aren’t connected to the internet. Lessons should be downloadable with unlimited playbacks, as the worst thing would be losing signal and having to start from the beginning of the topic when re-gaining connection.

2. Flexibility: Everybody leads busy lives, and the whole point of an online course is to have it fit around the individual. Some online courses offer certain timescales to complete projects/topics by, which in reality isn’t feasible if you are a student who has a job, children and other external factors that may affect your learning.

3. Fun factor: Let’s face it - textbook study is boring. It’s difficult and extremely demotivating if you have the same materials available for each section of learning a language. We think that learning something new should always be fun, and its paramount that when looking for an online course that it includes fun factors, quizzes and games to keep you engaged and motivated.

4. Bite-sized: Like any subject, whether this is history or math, it needs to be learnt in bite-sized chunks. Doing too much will put the individual off. This is even more applicable when learning a language. Find something that is broken down so you can feel when you are making progress.

5. Personable: Each individuals learning capacity is different, and it’s key that a student is able to have a personable plan that can be discussed with an online tutor. Everybody learns at a different pace, so it’s great if you can find an online course that emphasises how important this is for his or her students.


What do you all think is important? Comment below or send us a tweet (insert twitter here). We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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