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Learning a language is invaluable in modern society, more often than not, it is favored when an individual has a second (or even third language) under their belt. 

Chinese in education

As mentioned in our previous blogs, learning Chinese is becoming more common in schools, even in the UK. With the language being quite difficult to learn, it is essential that students have access to extra learning help if necessary.

Online Chinese tutoring is a great way to solve the problem – either for those doing GCSE’s or A-Level Chinese.

Preparing for exams

By learning Chinese online, outside of school hours, you are building on the basics you have learnt during the day whilst enriching your knowledge of colloquialisms and pronunciations.

This will prepare students well enough for their verbal and written exams, and give them more confidence in the lead up to their tests and coursework.

SN Mandarin provides clear lesson plans broken down into small chunks, so it is easy to improve on the areas you are having difficulty with in lesson time.

Online learning is convenient

Parents, this is a great way to get extra help without having to drive your child to a tutor, as we understand that it is often difficult to find a tutor to fit in with a busy work schedule.

Having an online tutor combats this issue, as SN Mandarin have experienced teachers who will offer online help, live lessons, and progression reports for each student.


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