Lesson 1 of 12-Lesson Free Chinese Course for Beginners to learn Chinese online

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Techonology develops faster than we can imagine and it's time to embrace the opportunity to learn Chinese online.  From today on, we will share a 12-Lesson Free Chinese Course for beginners from Standard Chinese course by SN Mandarin Online. 

Lesson 1


nǐ hǎo

你 好

Step 1

Watch the video and understand the basic meaning

try to watch 3 times and make sure you understand all

Step 2

Replay Video and learn to speak based on the text

play and repeat sentence by sentence, 3 or more times to the point that you can

speak the conversation aloud without watching video or text

* There is Record & Dubbing Function in Course App, scan in the end to download

             nǐ hǎo , wǒ jiào wánɡ dà wèi ,nǐ jiào shén me míng zì ?

王大卫: 你好,        我叫王大卫,           你 叫 什么名字?

Wang Dawei: Hello,my name is Wang Dawei, what’s your name?


           wǒ jiào lǐ yuè,hěn ɡāo xìnɡ rèn shí nǐ , wánɡ xiān shenɡ。

李  月:我叫李月。             很高兴认识你,             王先生。

Li Yue: My name is Li Yue. Nice to meet you, Mr.Wang.


            wǒyě hěn ɡāo xìnɡ rèn shí nǐ,lǐ xiáo jiě

王大卫:我也很高兴认识你,                李小姐。

Wang Dawei: Nice to meet you,too, Miss Li.

            nǐ jiào wǒ lǐ yuè bɑ

李  月:你叫我李月吧。

Li Yue: You can call me Li Yue.


              hǎo de ,nǐjiào wǒ dà wèi bɑ。

大  卫:好的,你叫我大卫吧。

Da Wei: Alright, you can call me Da Wei.


            hǎo de ,zàijiàn

李  月:好的,再见!

Li Yue: Alright, bye bye.


           zài jiàn


Wang Dawei: bye bye. 


Step 3 Vocabulary List 词汇表

Read and learn the new words from the text

* There is function of flashcards in the Course App, scan in the end to download




 词汇 New Words   


词汇 New Words   

1.你        nǐ             n.          you(single)

2.好        hǎo            adj.        good, fine, nice

3.我        wǒ             n.          I, me

4.叫        jiào           v.          to call, to be called

5.什么      shén me        pro.        what

6.名字      mínɡ zi        n.          name

7.很        hěn            adv.        very

8.高兴      ɡāo xìnɡ       adj.        happy, glad

9.认识      rèn shi        v.          to know

10.先生     xiān sheng     n.          Mr., gentleman, sir

11.吧       bɑ             par.        a modal particle, indicating a mild command

12.好的     hǎo de         adj.        fine, OK

13.也       yě             adv.        also, too 

14.小姐     xiǎo jiě       n.          Miss, young lady

15.再见     zài jiàn       v.          goodbye

   再       zài            adv.        again

   见       jiàn           v.         to meet

Step 4 Quizzes

1.Listen and Choose the world you hear 听录音选文字

*Go to App to access listening quizzes. Wechat can't Upload multiple sounds


2. Choose the right Chinese word


Choose the right Chinese


A 你    B 好  


A 也    B 我


A 我    B 你

I, me

A 我    B 见


A 很      B 也

3 Choose the right pronunciation 看汉字选发音



A    nǐ    B wǒ

A hǎo  B hěn

A wǒ   B   nǐ  

A   yě      B jiào

A   ba      B hěn

4. Recorder the words to make sentences  组句子

•1. dà wèi      wǒ      rèn shi    •    

      大 卫       我          认  识     

•2.  bù       nǐ       ɡāo xìnɡ  •     

      不       你       高  兴     

•3.   jiào        lǐ yuè       wǒ •      

        叫          李 月        我 

•4.    nǐ      ɡāo xìnɡ       hěn   •       

       你         高  兴         很 

* Go to the App to answer by drop and down. Or comment to write your answers.

Sep 5 Dubbing your version of the talk


Dubbing for Fun

Dubbing is like Karaoke with the course where you can record your talk according to the video and text into the video and hear your voices from the video.

Due to the wechat limit, this function is only available in the App. Please go to the App for more functions.

Step 6 Summary

Summary:  in this first lesson, we learned "how to say hi", "intrduce names", “ask names” and say “nice to meet you”“happy”"also/too"... totally 17 useful vocabulary. 

Step 7 Download and Install App for more materials

Go to to find and download the Course App


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