How to Do Free Trial Online HSK Test Level 1-3? - Learn Chinese Online or in Shanghai Chinese School

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take hsk test online - register hsk online

The new HSK test was launched by Hanban in an effort to better serve Chinese language learners.

There are two ways of taking the test: 1. Paper and Pen 2. Online Test

Both ways ask you to go to a physical test center to take the test. How to take a Free Trial of the test before taking the real one?

1. There are test papers availale in book store, to buy and try the paper and pen test

2. For online test, it will be great to experience the real online test system to prepare before.

As strategic partner with HSK test Center,

SN Mandarin  has a special Code now availalbe to try the test online!!!




1.Ask for the test address

Comment or add wechat 15618702736 to ask for the online test address. All can ask no matter you are or not students of SN Mandarin now. After getting the address, copy it into your internet explorer. Windows System is recommended! Then you will see the page below:


take hsk test online - register hsk online


2:Ask for the test code

Click the language you like, let's choose English for eg.

Then you see the login place.

You need ticket number and password.

How to get it? Easy. Just ask ChinesePal :)

Comment to ask or add wechat 15618702736


HSK Test Online Shanghai HSK Test Registration and Test Centers


3: Login 

After getting the ticket number and password, log in and you will see the page below.

Click confirm and start the testing.

From now on, you will experience the real HSK test online. Try to figure out how is it so that you will not be suprized when you do the real test for the first time.

Good Luck!

take hsk test online in shanghai registration and test center



Jack: Wow, nice, i will try it.

Little Bo: Sure, why not. Also, SN Mandarin is open for HSK Level 1-3 Online Test Registration Now. There is test every weekend, every weekend and every weekend, not just once per month.


Jack:Every weekend? How can i register?

Little Bo: Oh, it's quite easy. No matter where you are, you can register with SN Mandarin and take the test online. Comment to ask and we will have another article about it.


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