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Today we will talk about the Rooster year. First, do you know the origin of 12 Animals of Chinese Year? Our legend begins with the ancient Jade Emperor, who created a calendar based on the cycles of the moon. Just as he was putting the finishing touches on it, he thought that it lacked a certain animal presence. He decided to assign 12 animals to the calendar, one for each cycle.



“But how will I select the 12 animals?” he wondered.  “I know! I will find the wisest, most beautiful, the kindest and the most heroic.” “No,” he thought. “That wouldn’t be the fairest way.” Then, a better idea struck him. “I’ll call a meeting. Whichever animals make it to me the fastest will be awarded places.” So he sent an edict out to all the animals in the land about a mighty race across a river. Thirteen animals set out on the course.


The rat came in first place, having hopped on the back of the ox, who came in second. The tiger was named the third animal in the cycle. Next came the rabbit, thumping into fourth place. In fifth place was the dragon, followed by the snake and the horse.


But how was the rooster supposed to secure a spot on the calendar? He wasn’t cunning like the rat either strong like the tiger. He tired easily, unlike the horse.

“What do I have that the other animals haven’t?” the rooster pondered. He thought about his golden voice, which he could use to call others to action. He fluffed his feathers and remembered that their beauty made him popular. He then knew what he must do.


 After the horse made it to shore with the snake hidden in its hoof, the rooster spotted a raft. Being too weak to pull it himself, he used his voice to get the attention of the sheep and the monkey. In exchange for allowing them to place ahead of him on the calendar, the rooster convinced the two animals to pull him to victory on the raft. The sheep and monkey cleared the weeds, and tugged the raft to where the emperor sat waiting on the other side.

“I’m pleased with your efforts,” the emperor declared. “You’re very resourceful, rooster. You will be the tenth animal on the calendar.”


The rooster relaxed in the palace hall and was soon joined by the dog and the pig. The cat drowned and never made it.


Rooster Birth Years

1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005,2017



What are they like?

Observant, hardworking, resourceful, courageous, talented, self-confident, active, amusing, popular, talkative, outspoken, frank, open, honest, loyal, center-of-attention, vain, boastful.


Roosters make excellent in the following fields:

Teachers, journalists, medical professionals, public servants, restaurateurs, hairdressers, public relations officers.


Most compatible with:

Ox and snake


Mortal compatible with (not compatible with):

Rat, rabbit, horse, pig.


Rooster Idioms

wén: “Rise at rooster’s crow.” Meaning: Diligent and self-disciplined.

fēi dàn: “The hen has flown the coop and the eggs are broken.” Meaning: A dead loss.




máosuàn:“ Chicken feathers and garlic skies.” Meaning: trivialities.

mínggǒudào:“ Crowing like a rooster and stealing like a dog.” Meaning: Get up to mean or petty tricks.

quǎnshēngtiān:“ Roosters and dogs rise to heaven.” Meaning: Ride someone’s coattails to success.

shājǐnghóu:“ kill the chicken to warn the monkey.” Meaning: to punish an individual as an example to others.

xiǎocháng: “Small belly, chicken’s gut.” Meaning: petty.


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