The Beloved Spring Flowers by Chinese People - do you know?

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Finally spring has come. As the temperature rises, flowers bloom one after another. It’s the time that we get out of the air-conditioned room and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Speaking of spring flowers, there is one type of flower that I think stands out first. That is RAPE FLOWER! It's like the messenger of spring. Every time we see the blossomed flowers we know spring is approaching.


​People are enthusiastic about viewing rape flowers. There are several well-known rape flower fields in China which attract thousands of tourists from all over the country. For example, Hanzhong of Shanxi Province is usually regarded as the best place for admiring the beauty of the flowers. Hanzhong has about 800 million㎡ of flower field which is unbelievably wide. With all the flowers, houses and hills, the picture is just like a beautiful painting.

From north to south, from west to east, actually rape flowers are widespread in China. Then why are people giving them so much attention? Besides the color of bright yellow which is like the golden sun, I guess the vigorous vitality can be the main reason. The rape flowers, no matter wild or planted, a few of them or a field of them, just bloom perfectly after the spring rain.

As a native southerner, I do have some special feeling for the flower. People in my town used to plant rape and get the seeds for oil. The rape oil was frequently used in cooking during my childhood. With the rape fields being replaced by buildings or factories and rape oil being replaced by blend oil or olive oil, things are different now. But the fragrance of the flower or the smell of the oil can always remind me of my happy childhood.

I’m afraid we don’t have many rape flowers in the downtown of Shanghai. But we can see quite a lot of them in the suburb such as Chongming and Fengxian district. Without a good view of rape flowers, we citizens still can fully enjoy the lovely season because we have cherry blossom and peach blossom blooming in the neighborhood, in the park and by the road.


These two flowers are also loved by Chinese people. The color, the shape and the feeling of warmth are just perfect for spring. Going to the park and admiring the beauty of flowers in a sunny spring day is like a tradition. You may know that Qingming Festival is coming. As one of the most important festivals in China, besides tomb-sweeping, Qingming is about going on spring outing too, like taking photos of the flowers, having a picnic with family and friends or flying a kite.


So the question is: where can we go for a spring outing? Here are some places you may be interested in.

  1. Shanghai Botanical Garden (上海植物园)

  2. Gucun Park (顾村公园, great view of cherry blossom)

  3. Century Park (世纪公园, great view of rape flower, cherry blossom and peach blossom)

  4.  Zhuangxing, Fengxian District (奉贤庄行, rape flower festival, 27th March-12th April)

  5. Peach Blossom Village, Nanhui District (南汇区桃花村, peach blossom festival, late March-middle April)


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