Character Hacker - No. 1: 我- I wǒ 我 The Secrets of Chinese Character 我

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The charm of Chinese characters is that you can find it a story almost from each of them and 60% of them have the history of developping from the beginning to now. There are 3 important secrets that will help you understand each of them much better:


1. The Etymology:(the history of the character)

2. The Components:  ( the parts of the character)

3. The Stroke Order: ( how it is written one by one in stroke)


With Chinese Character Hacker, we will break down the history, components, the stroke order of most common 100 Characters to help you get more insights into Chinese character and get the hacks to read them.

Character Hacker - No. 1: 我- I wǒ 

Most of our students learn 我 from the beginning, while learning "My name is..." and they are very curious that why simple "I" is so complicated in Chinese as “我” in character.  What about you? Let's see if this helps.


The Stroke Order



“我” is a independant character not including different compotents. But it's still good to break down to learn more about the meaning.

The left part, is a "hand"  提手旁.gif

The right part, is a  rake-like weapon 戈 (dagger axe). A man taking a weapon, standing for "myself""I", if we are trying to extract the meaning inside the character. 


The Components




The Etymology


Story: The character for 我"I" was originally a rake-like weapon 戈 (dagger axe), and now it's meaning "I" instead of the original meaning. A man taking a weapon, standing for "myself""I", if we are trying to extract the meaning inside the character.  Sometimes, it is, right?


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