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1. 一 (yī)

English: One

The character for “one” in Chinese is simply one horizontal stroke.

Incidentally, the characters for two 二 (èr) and three 三 (sān) are also simple horizontal strokes. One, two and three are quite easy to remember, since one is one stroke, two is two strokes, etc.

One in Chinese is used in references to the singular, such as a single person 一个人(yī gè rén).

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Techonology develops faster than we can imagine and it's time to embrace the opportunity to learn Chinese online.  From today on, we will share a 12-Lesson Free Chinese Course for beginners from Standard Chinese course by SN Mandarin Online. 

Lesson 2

How are you?

zuì jìn hǎo ma?

最 近 好 吗

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Today we will talk about the Rooster year. First, do you know the origin of 12 Animals of Chinese Year? Our legend begins with the ancient Jade Emperor, who created a calendar based on the cycles of the moon. Just as he was putting the finishing touches on it, he thought that it lacked a certain animal presence. He decided to assign 12 animals to the calendar, one for each cycle.


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