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International brands are always popular in China. To open Chinese market further and make a deeper impression in Chinese people’s mind, some brands were given a Chinese name. Most of the translations are smart. The pronunciations are similar to the original ones and easy to remember, maybe only for Chinese people. For foreigners, however, perhaps it takes time to understand what your Chinese friends are talking about.

Now I will show you some brands in Chinese.

You can grab a pen and a piece of paper to take notes. (Not have to.)

Please guess the original name.

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Following the last posts with #1 Chinese never say 你(nǐ) 好(hǎo) 吗(ma)?!!! of 5 Common Spoken Chinese Mistakes to Avoid, and #2 我(wǒ) 是(shì)叫(jiào)Annie VS 我(wǒ)是(shì)Annie / 我(wǒ)叫(jiào)Annie (I‘m Annie) ,let's continue to # 3&4 that might show the difference in thinking ways between Chinese and English speaking people.

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