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Go to China - How Much Can You Make Teaching English in China?


As the world's most populous country, and one that recognizes its rather large footprint in the global economy, China is bursting at the seams with opportunities for ESL teachers. China's youth are raised with an understanding of the importance of learning English, and it's a widely accepted notion that the ability to speak fluent English can largely increase students' chances of earning a higher paying job or perhaps open opportunities to travel abroad.


go to China to learn Chinese and teach English

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HSK Test is more and more popular now among Chinese learners and now it's even more important because the HSK level certificate will add extra points to expats who want to apply for working visa/working permit in China.
If you are planning to take HSK test in 2017, here is the information about HSK Test Dates 2017, including both Paper & Pencil Test, and Internet-Based Test.
2017 HSK Test Dates, Registration Dates and Results Dates
Date Deadline for registration Date of results announced
Paper and Pencil Test Internet-based Test
Jan 14 (Sat) Dec 18, 2016 Jan 4, 2017 Feb 21 / Feb 6
Feb 12 (Sun) Jan 16 Feb 2 Mar 12 / Feb 27
Mar 19 (Sun) Feb 20 Mar 9 Apr 19 / Apr 3
Apr 22 (Sat) Mar 26 Apr 12 May 22 / May 8
May 20 (Sat) Apr 23 May 10 June 20 / June 5
June 11 (Sun) May 15 June 1 July 11 / June 26
July 15 (Sat) June 18 July 5 Aug 15 / July 31
Aug 12 (Sat) July 16 Aug 2 Sept 12 / Aug 28
Sept 17 (Sun) Aug 21 Sept 7 Oct 17 / Oct 2
Oct 15 (Sun) Sept 18 Oct 5 Nov 15 / Oct 30
Nov 11 (Sat) Oct 15 Nov 1 Dec 11 / Nov 27
Dec 3 (Sun) Nov 6 Nov 23 Jan 3, 2018 / Dec 18


2017 New Added HSK Internet-based Test Dates


  HSK 1-3 Internet Based Test is available every Saturday at SN Mandarin Shanghai. Contact us to register for your HSK Test!


Date Deadline for registration Date of results announced
Feb 25 (Sat) Feb 15 Mar 13
May 7 (Sun) Apr 27 May 22
June 24 (Sat) June 14 July 10
July 29 (Sat) July 19 Aug 14
Aug 27 (Sun) Aug 17 Sept 11
Oct 28 (Sat) Oct 18 Nov 13
Nov 26 (Sun) Nov 16 Dec 11
Besides, SN Mandarin is authorized to organize Online HSK Chinese Test every Saturday at Jing'an campus Shanghai. It's only availalbe for HSK Level 1-3 now. If you want to take the online HSK Chinese test, feel free to call and we will help with the registration and arrange the test.



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The reasons that foreigners like Shanghai

I have quite a lot of students from Europe and America, most of whom like living in Shanghai. I asked them their reasons. Everyone has their different opinions and feelings. Generally there are some important points

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的 (de) vs. 得 (de) vs. 地(de)


These three "de"s even sound the same! How can words be so similar, without meaning the same thing?

It boils down to this main difference: 的 is used with nouns and 得 is used with verbs. The last one, 地, is mainly used to modify verbs (like the “ly” in English).

1. Noun + 的 + Noun

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