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Before the Internet and before the growth of technology, the only way to learn Chinese was to essentially, visit the country and learn first hand there.

This was pretty much the same with a lot of languages outside of Europe, as previously mentioned the only languages taught in schools came under the umbrella of French, German, Italian or Spanish.


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Living in a digital age has many benefits. Not only can we order things at the tap of a button and speak to a relative we haven’t seen in months via Skype, we can also learn quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Before the growth of technology and online media, young adults have been somewhat pigeon-holed in the past to learn a school syllabus from a textbook with no other means of enriching their minds.

Today, we have websites, apps, games; quizzes and much more that make a learning experience easier, and also more enjoyable.

Learning Chinese online slots into this notion quite nicely, especially with the programs we have available here at SN Mandarin and MynaParrot.

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So, you’ve booked the tickets and you’re ready to go – there’s only one thing missing, and that’s the knowledge of the Chinese language.

Now, we know more than anyone that learning Mandarin isn’t a walk in the park, it will require some learning along the way. However, we know for a fact that learning the language of the place you are choosing to visit will enable you to do a lot more with your trip. 

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