HSK Test Preparation

Course Description

Focused on passing the HanyuShuipingKaoshi (HSK) standard Chinese language proficiency test?  Using our thorough understanding of the HSK test levels and format, we have developed targeted curricula to help students at every level pass the HSK test.  In addition to our solid Chinese lessons, we teach effective studying and testing techniques, and provide ancillary services (e.g. mobile app, online testing) to support you in your HSK test preparation. Whether you are looking to study part-time or an intensive course, we have designed a program for you.

As proof of the quality and effectiveness of our teaching system and HSK preparation materials, we proudly have a 100% HSK test pass rate.  Additionally, we have had complete beginners go from no Chinese knowledge to passing HSK 6 (highest level) in only 8 months.  

What will I learn?

First, we will assess your individual learning needs, and help you understand the gap between your current and target HSK level.  Then, we will walk you through the most efficient studying and testing techniques.  We have designed curricula that covers all aspects of the HSK test prep– using level-appropriate vocabulary and grammar to understand, speak, read, and write Chinese.

The total number of lessons you need to pass your target HSK level depends on your current abilities. In general, it takes 10-30 lessons to prepare for the HSK Level 1-3 exam, and 50-80 lessons/level to prepare for HSK Level 4-6 exam.

How will I learn?

We have developed a balanced approach to develop the skills needed to pass each HSK level.  Our HSK course structure includes a variety of teaching methods, including simulating the real HSK testing environment to practice. Our course design also includes a variety of learning tools to support you, including mobile apps and online testing systems.

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