Chinese for Kids

Chinese for Kids

In only four years, teaching Chinese in K-12 schools has increased by over 194% in the U.S! And the percentage has also increased dramatically in Europe!

Chinese for Kids offers tailored Chinese lessons for kids based on different needs, plans and requirements of kids who are learning Chinese at school, but need help from a professional tutor; or kids who want to learn Chinese online from the beginning with our Chinese for Kids course.

Our Mandarin lessons for kids are designed to give younger students systematic training in four aspects of Chinese language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

For kids who have never taken Chinese classes before, we will start with our standard Chinese for Kids Course, learning from 123 and continue.

For kids who are learning Chinese at schools, but need help after class to practice, ask questions, prepare for an exam…, our Chinese Tutoring for Kids courses are the best option to have a personalized tutoring plan to meet special requirements and reach targets fast. A Course Planning will be arranged for free through our online class system with a live meeting/conference with parent(s), Kid(s), professional tutor(s) and our course consultant to tailor the best tutoring plan based on the current situation and targets, no matter if it’s to improve speaking fluency, to build up vocabulary, to catch up with missed classes, to prepare for Chinese exams and tests, like school term-end tests, A Level Chinese, AP Chinese or YCT

Standard Chinese for Kids Course

Chinese Tutoring for Kids

Packages for Kids Chinese Course

  Stage 1
Stage 3
  600 USD 3600 USD1299 USD(60% off) 4800 USD1799 USD(60% off)
Unlimited Access to our Platform 1 month 12 months
Unlimited Access to our Unique Chinese APP 160 quizzes 1350 quizzes
Live Talk/Tutoring with Native Teachers 15 Live Tutoring  120 Live Tutoring
Personalized Study Plan 150 flash cards 1300 flash cards
Report of progress 210 Vocabulary 1500 vocabulary
Full Set of Learning Materials 250 Expressions 1250 Expressions

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