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  3. Saturday, 29 December 2018
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Possible Problems shooting

For an online class, although it saves the time of traveling to and from and gives us opportunities of meeting great teachers without the concern of physical distance, problems may arise because of IT problems.

In case of meeting problems, please DON’T Worry, let’s try to shoot them according to the steps below:

-Unstable internet – slow- make sure your internet works well
-Browser problem: make sure you use chrome or firefox. DO NOT USE Edge that is not well supporting.
-Microphone problem – can’t hear clearly or can’t hear – redo the voice setting process to check and make sure the microphone work well, make sure the connection to PC is well
-Camera problem – can’t see yourself – redo the camera voice setting process to check and make sure the camera work well
IOS: Sometimes, IOS (MAC, IPAD, IPHONE) is not working well, if you meet the problem, can try another computer with Windows if possible.
-System /server problem – all the above factors are well checked and no problems found, the live class still can’t go, it might be some unexpected system or server problems- IT team will always take the fastest action to settle it, but before that, we suggest:
- cancel this class and move to a later session ( we will make this class up)
- switch to wechat video or skype to have the class if you don’t want to cancel
- Class that is not successfully taken because of system or internet problem will be made up after confirmation.

Enjoy your class! Any problem, feel free to let us know and we will always be here to help!
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Online classes saves much time of traveling or some other ways this was the method you can gain knowledge from long distance. It have some problems also that was mention as bestessay form at this blog it has many more formation describe in this article.
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